Treatment of Phobias

»The only thing we have to fear is fear it’self»

All things you have learned can be unlearned.

Phobias comes in all shapes and formats. Fear of flying an airplane, certain animals, snakes, spiders, heights, – there is really no limits of what you can learn to fear. Many people are afraid of the darkness at night. Others can’t stand narrow spaces or elevators. Some dread public speaking more than death, and some are afraid that their heart will stop beating or illness.
Unwanted phobias are the acquired ability by mere thinking or activating the sensory apparatus and take a small and usually harmless impression and mentally magnify it to create an abnormal inner representation and and attribute a triggered uncontrolled physical and/or mental response out of proportions. The external evidence of phobias are rapid heartbeat, sweating, withdrawal or escape, irregular or rapid breath, screaming or open eye pupils and rapid eye movements and sometimes even loss of consciousness. The response can be life limiting both for the client and his or her surroundings.

Most phobias can be uninstalled by a skilled trainer inducing a double dissociation scenery ideally by identifying the point of first access or impression where the client acquired the phobic experience or so called timeline therapy. The phobic experience is anchored in our sub-conscious mind, and it’s really no point in trying to think rationally about it, because when the phobia is triggered the response will be instant.

Most phobias can be removed in 1 or 2 sessions. The effect is usually permanent, but if it comes back after some time, it can be removed again.

Sometimes we need “fears” to protect ourselves. Those are not phobias but healthy reactions on potentially dangerous situations. Phobias in essence are useless reactions created by the mind and there is no sense in keeping them alive. They can be wiped out effortlessly.

Do you have a phobic response you want to abandon?
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