Leadership development

Leadership program with certification.

»A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them»M.D. Arnold
The leadership programme is designed for organisations or corporations with a client based perspective and will be adjusted to your specific needs and area of attention.

The content is rooted in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) on Practitioner level and according to the standards of American Board of NLP and Hypnotherapy. It is possible for participants to achieve certification as NLP Practitioner in combination with the programme.
The programme differs from more traditional leadership trainings by it’s emphasise on involvement and “on the job” training sessions in which participants will integrate new skills and knowledge about how we as humans operate.

The training brings a common set of leadership perspectives, technics, values and leadership terminology and the outcome will be vividly recognisable for the organisation at large.

NLP is an epistemology including several disciplines as psychology, sociology, anthropology, neurology and linguistics and it’s primary focus is to provide proven methods, technics, tools and knowledge based on modelling of successful human behaviour.

Main features of the programme will be:

  • NLP Communication Model and Presuppositions about how humans operate.
  • Strategies of perception and how we can calibrate our communication to match our audience.
  • How to establish and maintain rapport and use it for supporting, pacing and leading other people.
  • How body language and calibration influences our messages.
  • Language modelling and how to use language to create change.
  • Elicitation of values and logical levels for change work.
  • Identification, elicitation, utilisation and installation of mind strategies.
  • Anchoring states or resources.
  • The creation and use of metafors or reframing in language.
  • Association, dissociation and levels of perspective.
  • Chunking, i.e. the ability to raise or lower the level of focus and perception.
  • Means of negotiations.
  • Building resources through language.
  • Changing outcome or asserted meaning of states or challenges.
  • Flexibility as a competitive advantage.

The programme will be designed as a bespoke leadership training to encompass current of future roles, processes, innovation and decision making.
After certification participants will have integrated leadership skills based on how we as humans operate and obtained practical and useful tools to consciously and targeted apply to self or others.