Smoke Free

Smoking is not about what you do. It’s about who you believe you are. Change your belief.

The most expensive decision is to continue being a smoker. You never decided to become a smoker. It’s just happened. Have you ever asked your self why?Carl Martin Klingberg
My guess is that it was because of some social setting, modelling of others or the perceived belief that smoking is enjoyable. A way to relax and calm down. The cigarette is a companion and when all others fail you, it will be your comforting friend. But what kind of friend takes money from you and destroys your health? Smoking is addictive. Not only by substance, but the way smoking interacts and anchors deep into our behaviour. That is why it is so difficult to become free from smoking. It is an intensely rehearsed habit. You can reason as much as you want on how utterly stupid it is to smoke from a social, economic or health perspective. Still, your subconscious mind always wins at the end of the day. It’s time for another cig. To fight the subconscious is almost impossible. Your strategies become exhausted. You postpone quitting. You give your self permission for just another. You attend smoke ending courses. Chew Nicorette. It just goes on and on, the endless battle. And you comfort your self by saying something like, “Well, whats the point of this battle, we’re all going to die from something anyway.” Then the next cig. It is an ever lasting battle. You are fighting your self. But what does that mean? To fight one self requires two. It’s you and the “self” you are fighting. And that “self” is the one you need to lose. Your subconscious knows why you started in the first place. If you can access that, you can correct it and become smoke-free. Most smoke ending initiatives are focused on the behaviour it self, the act of smoking. The aim is to activate your conscious willpower to overcome the urge of smoking. It’s like teaching a blind person to see. My approach is reverse. Find the truth about why you are smoking, remove it and replace it with some thing else, and the urge to smoke will disappear. When the change work is done on the level of identity instead level of behaviour, the habit of smoking will self correct. As a smoke free individual you will question why on earth you ever smoked, and become completely disintegrated with being a smoker. Some become fanatical anti smokers, and endorse their new beliefs on their surroundings. The change work is done by identification of triggers, motivations and intentions. Through hypnotic interventions you will be able to access the resources necessary to disintegrate the habitual need for smoking. When you and your mind are at peace with having become smoke free the change will be permanent. Please take a step towards a healthy smoke free life below.