A walk up the hill has some benefits. It brings a greater view when you get to the top.

”To overcome a depression is basically a two step process. First you need to understand what triggered the state of depression and what keeps it going. Secondly the chemical situation in your physical brain induced by your thoughts needs to be altered.”Carl Martin Klingberg
To be able to talk with some one about ones depression is in reality just assistance in sorting out thoughts in a more constructive way. When our mind attack us the effect is paralyzing and sets us out more than any other conditions or diseases. On top people around you can’t understand what you are dealing with because illness is generally related to physiology. An experienced trainer will give you the advantage in terms of confidentiality and a non judgemental approach that is vital, because you might be dealing with wounds inside that are hard to heal or even rejected by your sense of self. You will need new technics to access a changed perspective, new thoughts and unlock the recourses that you carry inside. My job is only to reveal and help you recognise the truth you all ready have inside. To fight with your own mind is indeed a great pain and it continues 24/7. You are reliving that dreadful past, thinking it over and over, deepening those impressions, regretting in anger or despair. Or filling your self with anxiety of the future. You are just looking into a big black hole, responsibilities are nailing you to the cross. There is no sleep, no rest. No where to hide. There is no escape, and soon everybody will find out. You have failed. How on earth did you manage to end up like this? Most people will at some point in their lives bang their head against the wall and feel how life turns into the darker shades of gray. It is painful, in fact more painful than most physical diseases. And there seems to be no apparent cure in sight. It affects all aspects of life. Your job, your schoolwork, your relationships, your ability to think, sleep, eat, create, rest, exercise, every thing seems impossible and meaningless. To an outsider the depression is incomprehensible. Clinically depression comes in three categories; light, moderate and severe. The thoughts produced by your mind manifests in you body chemistry. You are at war with your self, producing cortisol at high levels, while important neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline are being curbed. Educate your self on these substances and you will understand the biochemical explanation of why you feel the way you do. Medication will be offered to you in order to compensate some of these substances, and in some cases, they are necessary to bring the client out of a state of complete helplessness or hopelessness. But they all have downsides, side effects and ultimately only masks the symptoms while the client needs resources to create a change in mindsets and mental strategies. There are different causes for depression, some are acute and others are just maintaining the situation. Very often it’s not the situation it self that is hopeless, it’s how we think about it. Symptoms comes in great variety. Lack of sleep in combination with a state of being extremely tired. Weight loss og gain. Inactivity and lack of initiative. Irritation, anger or anxiety. Nothing is fun any more. Other peoples cheerfulness is unbearable. No future and no visions. Lost interest in personal appearance. Repeating negative though patterns. Depletion of choice. Feeling of insignificance. Isolation. Apathy. Thoughts about ending life. Bad consciousness about family and friends, but inability to deal with it. Long lasting depressions can evolve into other physical diseases. We can think our selves sick. Mild and moderate depressions can be delt with on therapeutic level with a skilled trainer that can assist in creating a different model of the world. Severe depressions often require hospitalization. A depression, when established, will take 6-12 months to heal depending on each individual case, and indeed if the root cause of the depression can be delt with. There are strategies to increase levels of dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline by activating natural responses in the body, thus reducing or eliminating the use of drugs. Therapy is given in three stages. First mainly to examine and stabilize the situation around the client. Second stage is identification of the acute or maintaining root cause of depression. And finally to deinstall strategies that leads into depression and replace them with new impressions, insights and above all,- self knowledge.   Sadly, apart from drugs, there are very few effective public services to support people in depression with mental tools that truly work. Outsiders might say;”Just pull your self together!” exposing a profound lack of understanding what a depression is. The root cause of a depression may have developed over a long time or have an anchor in childhood that has been triggered by more recent events. Do not wait to seek help. To be depressed is a dreadful and unnecessary state of existence. A depression is really a state at which the egoic and false self has taken complete control over the mind and trapped you inside a maze of hopelessness and anxiety. All though painful while it lasts, it can also lead up to the moment in life where the outcome is life changing and enhancing. Very often the outcome of a depression is major shift in consciousness and the start of a whole new paradigm, and finally the dots ad up. Make a change today to create a better day tomorrow.