Life Coaching

”Life does not happen. We create it.”

Unless your mind is disrupted, it will always walk the same old path. Something is not right. You have it all, but something is still missing. Or life is a constant challenge and you struggle to keep on top of things. You ask others for advice, but you kind of know all the answers your self. You just can’t define it or put your thoughts into action. My role as your coach is not primarily to tell you what to do, because that is some how anchored in your intuition. My role is to help to reveal it and assist you in new disruptive thinking. Opening closed doors and look whats behind them. You might have some kind of vision for your life, but find that they have fallen of the track. Life has become a compromise or it just came about the way it did. We have been conditioned to stay on a narrow path. Get an education and get a job. A safe one. We are told about all the “do this” and “don’t do that”. The dogmas of life creates walls in our minds. Walls created by thought. My role is to drill holes in them, open doors in them or tear them down and allow you to enter into new territories. I want to turn the map upside down, change the rules and find truth. On each logical level of your personality new insights will be gained and all with in a neutral and confident setting. My entry point in personal coaching is a bit different than the usual “from good to great” package and I am not going to help you to become “a better version for your self”. My philosophy is the reverse of this. All these “versions of your self” are trouble makers and my job is to help you remove them, dissolve them and expose them to allow you to become the true self, the one you really are. And that is not another version, but the authentic and congruent self. The essence of you, with out fear of being vulnerable or imperfect, you suddenly stand out with your true self and you and your fellow human beings will enjoy it immensely. Welcome home.