”You are not your body.
It’s only our travel companion.
Travel light.”

Don’t change your diett temporarily. Change your mind permanently.Carl Martin Klingberg
People come in all kind of shapes and formats. Long, short, thick, thin, dark or bright. The Buddha lived for a while a very strict life rejecting all good things in life, then he found liberation and decided he could live his life with out any limitations.

Obesity has become a common problem for people in the western world. We eat to much calories and use to few of them. The ideal body is slim, fit and well trained. And it’s easy to get uncomfortable with to many kilos to carry around. You are the only qualified judge of your own physique, but your body is your companion while in this world. It might be a good idea to take care of it.

The natural body of a human being is shaped by genes and habits in terms of diett and exercise. You don’t have to exercise to be slim, but a certain amount of exercise is vital for both physical and mental well being. There are vast health benefits and elevated life quality in having a body you love to be in. But the solution is not a diett course or some temporary measures.

I think you have heard the arguments before and tried every thing, but failed, just to end up where you were, or some times even worse. There is no failure, only feedback. Do something different this time.

There is a battle going between what you know is right and what your unconscious tells you to do. And who wins? Unconscious of course. It will always please it self, first and foremost, this time at your body’s disadvantage.

All diett courses or weight loss initiatives are based around changing behaviour, basically eat less and exercise more. It’s the inevitable battle between your will on one side and your long earned habits on the other. But why does it need to be a battle? And why specifically are you in this battle, when a lot of other people apparently have no issues at all in terms of over weight? Do you think your body is special? Of course not. It is extremely rare that metabolism is the root cause of over weight. Weight is primarily a function of calorie intake and secondary calorie usage or “burn”.

The high intake of calories is primarily a result of how you think about eating and micro strategies leading up to your habits. So the task is not to change your body, that is just a symptom, – it is to change the underlying strategies of your mind. When you think differently, you will eat differently and your body will adapt to new habits and the change is permanent.

The therapy is based on dialog with on going support, NLP interventions and hypnotherapy.